Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K summer for March

This month's comments for kids was entertaining to read and watch. The students were personal in their writings and willing to share their thoughts. The student's post I commented on for C4K#5 was Karnell, who showed his excitement about his birthday as he wrote. The next student I was assigned to, for C4K#6, was Kayla. This student was to inform the reader the connection between her and the character, Lucy from the book A Shade of Vampire. For C4K#7 I read a post written by a young girl named Lilly. She informed the reader about a man who was an inventor then explained the changes she would like to make to her school. Kaylee is the student I was assigned to comment on for C4K#8. Kaylee and her friends created a video about students being bullied and how students are bullying others. I have enjoyed learning about the students and what is important to them.

My comments to the students:
C4K #5
Karnell, Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day for you and I hope your birthday wish came true. I love the cake picture because cakes make a birthday fun and delicious. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

C4K #6:
This is a well written post about the connection between you to your character. I often enjoy reading about how characters connect to the reader. Thank you again for writing a great post and sharing about you and your character.  Keep up the great work!

C4K #7:


I enjoyed reading your well written post. I agree with your opinion of William being a successful man. Instead of using expensive materials he improvised and used what he could find. I also enjoy knowing your opinion of school lunches. Changing the schools lunch menu would make an impact throughout the school. Again, I enjoyed reading your post so keep up the great writing!

C4K #8:

This is an amazing video! I am very impressed with the creativity and technology used to make the video. This video has shown me different ways students are being bullied and bullying others. Thank you for a wonderful video and keep up the great work!

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