Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last C4T

I enjoyed reading Angela Maiers post, Even Oscar Winners Want to Matter, because it touches on a topic many teachers and individuals overlook. I didn't know of Choose2Matter and had learned of it by this post. I have become a fan of the revolution because it caters to the needs of students and children.  The way it caters to children is by treating them as though they matter.  Her post was enlightening and had shown me the impact the words you matter can make in someone life.

In the post, 5 Ways You Can Be An Innovated Genius, the teacher wrote about the book, Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation by Debra Kaye.  This post included a description about how the book reveals different ways to activate an individuals own knowledge and resources make connections for different ideas.  She discussed the five topics which are look for new ideas within those that already exist, ask unexpected questions, look what can play into people’s existing behavior, sleep on it, and think that you are a genius.  After reading these points, as an educator I felt very motivated.

Rondee LogoWhile searching through the blog created by Kelly Hines, Keeping Kids First, I found the post Will You Rondee?!, This posts caught my attention and curiosity because I have never heard of a Rondee. Kelly explained the different aspects this tool is used to communicate, which is similar to Skype. This tool, Rondee, allows people to participate in conference calls online or from a cell/home phone. Rondee can also be used in the classroom to show students how to set up a study group. Teachers can use this tool to have meetings with the grade level team or converse different teaching ideas and methods with other educators.

On the blog Action Reaction, I had read a post titled Learning Analysis. This post  was humerus because it depicted a conversation between a mother and son reading the results of a computer-base math test. The results were not helpful to the student and his mother because it did not explain why he was struggling in his algebra class.

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