Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie-Mellon University, and Randy would often lecture on time management.  His last lecture, on achieving your childhood dreams was amazing and inspiring. While teaching at Carnegie-Mellon he taught students about virtual reality, but he wanted to leave behind something more. Randy would also teach his students about life in general.
Randy was a brilliant man who had accomplished many things, but he did accomplish things which were unplanned. Some of the dreams he wanted to achieve from his childhood were not accomplished for various reasons.  Instead of interpreting this as failure he viewed it as a learning experience. Randy taught people how to be optimistic through his own personal optimism.  He taught his students to have fun and be happy with whatever happens in their lives. Randy even made the comment "I'm dying and I'm having fun" because he wanted people to stop being an "Eeyore", as he called it, and start enjoying life.
I also noticed that Randy taught his students to respect others. He gave his students the opportunity to grade one another based on characteristic issues such as team work. Randy enhanced his students awareness of professional conduct because he saw the great benefit of professionalism. The first video I watched of Randy Pausch was about time management. While watching his last video I began to realize that this lecture seems to connect back to his lecture on time management. Randy taught many people about time management and achieving their goals. As an elementary teacher I would implement these teaching methods in my classroom as often as possible. I believe young students should be taught about optimism, respect, and time management.

Randy Pausch and his family

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  1. Dr. Pausch has been an inspiration to me and a lot of others. I am glad you are one of those people.