Saturday, March 23, 2013

C4T Post #1

This afternoon I visited the blog Keeping Kids First, which was created by a teacher from North Carolina name Kelly Hines. On the website there was a post titled Pencil Metaphor which caught my attention. Kelly Hines wrote about the different characteristics teachers have when being introduced to new technology. There was a drawing of a pencil which had different tabs by each point of the pencil. I began to read through the tabs and found the descriptions true. I consider the metaphor to be creative, humorous, and flexible. The metaphor is flexible because it can be used to discuss numerous topics. One topic I, as a teacher, could use in my elementary classroom would be cooperation. The students who are working with their group would be the sharp end of the pencil because they are willing to help finish the task. The students who have the mentality of "their way or the high way" would be considered the eraser part of the pencil. I enjoyed reading Kelly Hines post about the Pencil Metaphor and cannot wait to read further in her blog.
Here is the comment I left for Kelly Hines.
"Hi, I'm Katelin Brown from EDM310 at the University of South Alabama and I think this metaphor is wonderfully creative and very accurate.  It's very difficult to explain the characteristics of people who are introduced to new technology.  After reading all the points in the photo, I also began to remember certain people, whether it be positive or negative.  I enjoyed reading this post and Thank you so much for sharing!!"

C4T #3
Today I was given the opportunity to read and comment on an exceptional blog post written by Kelly Hines, who is also an educator. Her post was very informative about the author, Peter Reynolds, and ideas to use in the classroom. Kelly provides a link to Peter's website where an individual can learn more about him and what he does to help students. I have heard many educators comment on how his book has made a positive influence in the students. The Dot book has made such an impact it is celebrated on September 15th each year. I appreciate Kelly Hines for informing other educators and I about this great book. As an educator, I will introduce this book to my students and celebrate Dot Day each year.

C4T #4
Frank Nosches is an educator who loves to teach science and shows his passion through his blog Action-Reaction. He has many resources for other educators looking for activities, worksheets, or ideas on teaching a science lesson. I wanted to learn more about what his lessons entailed so I began to search through his blog and found something very interesting. Frank had posted a video clip titled Physics of Angry Birds Lesson on CUNY-TV, which amazed me because he was using technology, not specifically created for the classroom, to teach physics. I was so excited to hear of an educator using the application in the classroom I had to leave him an encouraging comment. I congratulated Frank on his technique of teaching his students about the laws of physics. I also thanked him for creating a lesson which incorporated a popular application that the students are familiar with. I enjoyed learning about Frank Nosches and his enthusiasm to make science fun and educational for his students.

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