Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Post 9

First Year:

Mr. McClung’s reflection posts can be very helpful references to refer back to when writing my own reflections. Mr. McClung begins his first post by introducing a common theme which has robbed the classroom of its creativity. This theme is when teachers prepare lesson plans to quote rather than to teach. McClung provides proper methods of teaching such as, be flexible, communicate, be responsible, don’t be afraid of technology, and never stop learning. Each point made in this post is wonderful advice to all teachers. As educators we should continually want to learn and enhance our teaching methodology.

Fourth Year:
In the post about Mr. McClung’s fourth year as a teacher he explained how he found himself struggling to appease his fellow educators. McClung continued trying to appease his colleagues which negatively affected his teaching methods. Later in the year he began to realize his main purpose as an educator which is to teach students rather than appeasing colleagues. McClung found himself in a rut as he taught the same lessons each year, and he found no challenge in this method of teaching. McClung is an educator who continually has an urge to learn and challenge himself.  Many educators do not have the urge to challenge themselves which will ultimately be a disadvantage to them in the classroom. As an aspiring educator I find McClung’s reflection posts encouraging and motivating. Teachers who reflect upon their years of educating will find ways to improve their teaching methods as they learn new ways to handle situations.


  1. I hope you will make annual reflections like Mr. McClung.

  2. I loved your blog, Katelin! Very creative and fun to read. I agree with you, and think that when we start teaching we have to remember to continue to challenge ourselves. Best wishes going forward.