Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog Post #5

Krissy Venosdale is an educator with many wonderful ideas! She created a blog titled Venspired in order to help educators make their classroom a fun learning experience. Vensodale's post,  If I Build A School, is about a dream to build the perfect school.  This dream involved many wonderful ideas about teaching creativity and capturing a students interest. Krissy wrote about abolishing grade levels in the school system which would create a focus on student preparedness and academic ability.  Another idea worth mentioning is that she is in support of using technology in the classroom because, as she put it, "it’d just be part of the day." In other words, she saw such a benefit in using technology in education that it should be a regular part of the day. I would love to be apart of the school Krissy Venosdale wrote about because it wasn't focused on meeting state standards. The school that she wrote about focused on the student’s appetite to learn.  I would build a school like Vendosale's because of the creativity and opportunities which are given to students. If I were to create a school the students would go on many field trips because I feel that teaching students outside of the classroom will increase student curiosity and creativity.

Music has been entertaining people for many years with its diversity and emotional elements.  Technology has helped to advance and improve music, and this improvement is made evident in Eric Whitacre's video, Virtual Choir-'Lux Aurumque'.  This video astonished me because the individuals who sang in it have never performed together nor have they met one another. Through technology this diverse group of people was given the opportunity to sing together in perfect harmony. Jennifer Chamber, through a comment on the YouTube video, explained how this choir was able to perform together without having met one another, and she basically wrote that each performer uploaded a YouTube video of his or her self singing in one specific key. The editor put all of these singing videos together in a specific order which resulted in a finished product that is absolutely stunning.

In Kevin Roberts video, Teaching In The 21st Century, he explained that teaching in the 21st century involves teaching students skills and life decisions by using media. Roberts also presented the idea of teachers being the filter for their students. He believes that it is the teacher's job to examine social media and search engines.  He feels that educators should teach students reliability, responsibility, and integrity by using technology. Students are capable of learning not to plagiarize nor pirate media in the classroom, and this would result in not doing so outside of the classroom.  I think Kevin Roberts is correct in his video because students can attain useful knowledge through the internet.  It is my responsibility, as a teacher, to teach students to wisely choose and use the internet as a tool.

Quality teachers are known to use multiple techniques in order to teach their students.  The videos: Why I Flipped My Classroom, Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ - Flipping the Classroom, and Flipping The Classroom-4th Grade STEM showed unique ways to present and teach math lessons. I think this program is a great way to get the students ready for the next math lesson.  The reason I really like this program is because it allows a struggling student to review an assigned video multiple times until he or she understands.  As an elementary teacher I could use Flipping the Classroom in any grade that I might teach because it would give the student more time to ask questions in class.  If used in an elementary classroom it will be essential to review any video that might be assigned for the next day before handing out the math problems.  Flipping the Classroom is a great program and can be used in any school at any grade level.


  1. I also like Krissy Venosdale's idea of her dream school. I know I don't look forward to teaching all the state's requirements. I believe it would be way more effective to teach students if they actually craved the knowledge we had to teach rather than force feeding them state required material. I was also shocked when I watched the Virtual Choir-'Lux Aurumque' video too. It was amazing! I really enjoyed reading your blog.