Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Post 4

After reading three different blog posts, which include 1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along Audiobook, Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting, and Flat Stanley Podcast, I have learned many ways to use podcast in my classroom.  The first post I read was about using podcast to help teach students to read fluently.  This process had students' eager to record themselves in order to improve their reading skills.  The second post had students reading a story and afterward each student would be recorded reading a sentence from that story. Once the story was completely recorded the students worked together to arrange the sentences in the correct order.  So far podcasting has taught the students skills such as listening, comprehension, collaboration, speaking skills and fluency.  The post Flat Stanley Podcast, is a wonderful activity to use in classroom.  The teacher read a storybook about a character named Flat Stanley, and the students then created and sent their version of Flat Stanley off to friends and family. Finally the students were to portray themselves as a Flat Stanley and discuss what they had experienced while traveling to and from their destination.  I loved reading all three posts because the students were taught skills they could use with or without technology.  For my podcast I would like to use the tool GarageBand because it seems to be a very useful tool and easy to operate.

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  1. "...about using podcast ..." You should either put an a before podcast or change podcast to podcasts.

    "For my podcast I would like to use the tool GarageBand because it seems to be a very useful tool and easy to operate." Do it. It is on all the Macs.