Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post 15

Part 1:
I am currently majoring in elementary education while attending the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I moved From Lucedale, Mississippi to Mobile in 2012 to attend the university. I have loved each semester at South Alabama because I have been taught new and interesting ways to teach my students. I consider myself to be a life long student because I am always willing to learn about new methods and resources I can use later in my career.

Since I am majoring in elementary education my ideal grade to teach would be second grade. I enjoy teaching this grade because they are still willing to learn about what is being taught. They haven't gotten tired of the school idea. Many teacher who teach this grade would be hesitant to expose their students to technology and the internet. I on the other hand do not mind exposing my students to those things because I believe they will eventually get to where they use those resources so why not teach them how to use it properly at an impressionable age.

In my elementary classroom I will use a variety of technology. Some tools I would use is apple products, pinterest, blogger to keep parents up to date with progress throughout the year, other teacher blogs, and SmartBoard. My students would have internet access via computers to update their student blogs. they would also be able to access search engines and YouTube for research based needs. The students would be required during small groups to effectively use the SmartBoard.

As an educator I strive to have a classroom with an atmosphere of learning. This classroom would be equipped with the proper technology and internet access. The students would know when to access these technologies for researched based needs. As an elementary educator I would enforce the rules set aside but also make learning a memorable and exciting experience. As far as my room's decorations I would put what is needed to properly teach my students instead of entertaining them. I believe each item in a classroom should have a purpose for furthering a students education.

After reading Blog Post #1 I have found a few things I would change.
1) iPads would not be used to take quizzes
2) iPads would only be used at one learning station

Part 2:

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