Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Post #1

1. About Me
Welcome to my blog! I would like to start by telling you a little about myself.  I was born and raised in Mississippi and have recently moved to Mobile, Alabama. I am currently attending college at the University of South Alabama and majoring in Elementary and Special Education.  I have many interests such as traveling, swimming, working at summer camps, eating out, bowling, playing miniature golf, and other fun things.  I became a Jaguar in 2011 after I graduated from MGCCC, where I received an Associate of Arts degree.  While I was a student at MGCCC, I needed to choose a college where I would achieve a bachelors degree.  After visiting many schools, for many weeks, the education program at the University of South Alabama had impressed me enough to enroll.

The individuals who have made the largest impact in my life, and helped me decide on my career choice, would be my family.  My mom and dad would motivate and push me to do my best in everything.  My parents are retired educators and I remember their hard work to make learning a fun experience inside and outside the classroom. My parents never forced me to be an educator, and they would constantly ask me if education was the occupation which I most desired.  I also have an older brother who had recently graduated from Mississippi State University as a Civil Engineer, and two years ago he married the love of his life.  My brother and sister-in-law have also motivated me to be an educator because of my love for children and my desire to teach them. Teaching is my passion! I love to teach children about any subject matter, and I have a personal desire to teach children about Jesus Christ. I especially love to take children and youth on mission trips where I have the opportunity to teach them how to love and serve others just like Christ has loved and served us. In EDM310, I am anxious to learn about all of the technology which will enhance my future classroom.   Thanks for reading my blog!


When imagining my second grade elementary classroom I imagine a room filled with learning stations. On the chalkboard will be written the phrase,  "Try, Try, Again", and this will be written to teach the students that they cannot grow content with failure in my classroom. In the classroom I  have up to date equipment such as SmartBoards, computers, software, and other forms of technology. The students have computers for classroom research, and they have personal iPads with applications relevant to the course material.

When using technology in the classroom, students have the opportunity to attain certain knowledge the equipment before it is used; therefore, before my students receive their equipment, we review the rules to keep the equipment working properly. The students will then be shown how to use the equipment, and where to store the equipment when the assignment is finished.

My students attain an understanding of the SmartBoard in my classroom, and this is because they use the SmarBoard in learning stations for subjects such as mathematics, reading, and science. Through these learning stations students participate in hands on learning, and they also become familiar with the SmartBoard equipment. My students use iPads in certain learning stations and on certain quizzes. The computers, on the other hand, will be used to conduct research and can also be used as a reading test center.

I ensure, as an educator, that my students know the equipment and technology used in class are used for academic purposes only. Students are capable of learning how to use technology, but the technology which is used in the classroom should ultimately be used for educating students. As an elementary teacher I use technology to teach my students math, english, reading, science, and history. Technology can be fun to use, but it will be used properly in my classroom.

3. Time Management
When watching Dr.Randy Pausch on speaking on time management, I began to understand the reasoning behind what he was saying. Pausch had said "doing things right is not as important as doing the right things adequately". After comprehending his statement, I learned to make sure that I complete the work that is needed instead of finishing work that is not needed.

Further in the video Dr. Pausch made mention that planning can help individuals not waist time. Planning is not my strong suit but Pausch made it clear that "failing to plan is planning to fail". Since he had said that, I have been motivated to start making plans, even though they may change, because it is important. Another way to accomplish time management is to have a ToDo list. Randy speaks on ToDo list, which involves breaking items that must be accomplish throughout the day. In the video he mentioned that it would be wise accomplish the hardest item first, this method eliminates the item that may be difficult to accomplish later.  Listening to Dr. Pausch was enjoyable and taught me different strategies to help not waist time.


  1. "Further in the video Dr. Pausch made mention that planning can help individuals not waist time. Planning is not my strong suit but Pausch made it clear that "failing to plan is planning to fail". Since he had said that, I have been motivated to start making plans... " Instead of made mention say mentioned. "Waist" is your middle. The correct word here is waste.

    Welcome to EDM310!

  2. Hi Katelin!
    First things first, you are so lucky to have parents that are educators and have that first hand experience to learn from them and witness all the hard work that they do; especially at home and not in the classroom. I think you have another awesome opportunity with your youth group. Getting as much experience in the teaching field will only make you a stronger educator.

    I think you have a great strategy for technology in your classroom. I on the other hand did not think about all the different uses. Such as Ipads for the students. My first real experience with the smartboards was in Dr. Vitulli's class. I LOVED it. I can't wait to get another chance to explore it.

    Good luck this semester! :)